Personal Training

(£25 1-1 / £30 pairs)

Does exactly what it says on the tin! It is personalised, tailored training sessions for YOU. Whatever your goal: Fat Loss, Weight Gain, Improve Stamina, Strength Endurance.... a personal plan will help you achieve these faster and more consistently. 
Rome wasn't built in a day: and neither will your body be! It takes time, perseverance and consistency! 

Personal training can be home-based to suit you time wise and also for personal confidence. However, it can also be in the great outdoors of your choosing*

*(distance will apply and additional fees may be added for travel cover)




Deep Tissue Massage Therapy


I have been a mobile massage therapist for over 15 years now & have qualifications in both Sport Massage and Remedial Deep Tissue Massage therapy from Loughborough, where I was able to train and provide therapy for top International athletes. 


Massage therapies can either be home based to suit your timing, your situation and also for your comfort. However, I also have a home-based treatment area and all treatments have a reduction of £5 per treatment if you come to me. 


You wouldn't leave your car without a service and an M.O.T, so don't neglect your body and your physical/ mental well-being ! 

07808156200 to Book