Personal Training

(£30 1-1 / £40 pairs)

Does exactly what it says on the tin! It is personalised, tailored training sessions for YOU. Whatever your goal: Fat Loss, Weight Gain, Improve Stamina, Strength Endurance.... a personal plan will help you achieve these faster and more consistently. 
Rome wasn't built in a day: and neither will your body be! It takes time, perseverance and consistency! 

Personal training can be home-based to suit you time wise and also for personal confidence. However, it can also be in the great outdoors of your choosing*

*(distance will apply and additional £5 will be added for travel cover to Portland / Dorchester) 




Deep Tissue Massage Therapy


I have been a mobile massage therapist for over 15 years now & have qualifications in both Sport Massage and Remedial Deep Tissue Massage therapy from Loughborough, where I was able to train and provide therapy for top International athletes. 

Massage therapies can either be mobile (home) based to suit your timing, your situation and also for your comfort. However, I also have a home-based treatment area**


£30: 30 minutes treatment 

£40: 45 minutes treatment 

£50: 60 minutes treatment 

* An additional £5 levy is added to clients based in Portland and Dorchester 
**all treatments have a reduction of £5 per treatment if you come to me in Weymouth 


You wouldn't leave your car without a service and an M.O.T, so don't neglect your body and your physical/ mental well-being ! 

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